A landlady sentenced for her tenant's crimes.Kay Tanner

age 56, served 10 years

charged with cocaine conspiracy


"The night before Christmas Eve, my front door was rammed in and approximately fifteen fully armed DEA and police invaded my home.

"This was all related to my tenants that had moved. I was handcuffed and interrogated for eight hours about people I didn't even know. I was threatened with arrest and they tore my house apart looking for evidence. I was not arrested as they found nothing they were looking for.

"I was later indicted for one count of Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine. Conspiracy does not require any evidence. All you need is testimony by a government witness, which is bought with plea bargains. There were two witnesses who faced twenty year sentences and got only 12&endash;18 months for their testimony. I was convicted for having knowledge of my tenants actions by hearsay only.

"I have lost my home and spent all of my money defending myself, trying to undo this nightmare.

"Prison is about loneliness and despair. About mothers and grandmothers without their families, most of which were victims themselves. Victims of their husbands, boyfriends or poorly chosen friends. Now they are victims of the federal government with no hope in sight.