Four lifetimes forever changed.Scott Walt

age 39, serving 24 1/2 years

charged with conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute


"[The agent] stated to me, 'We want to search your house. If we have to get a warrant we will bust your doors down, put guns to your wife and children's heads and tear your f____ house apart, or you can sign this waiver and we'll be nice.' Well, I signed the waiver. ...

"They found no drugs, no scales, no ledgers, nothing! They took financial records, a cell phone, our home phone and address book, and $7,350 in our bedroom. My wife was a team leader for Mary Kay Cosmetics and her office was in our home. She asked, 'Why are you taking the money.' They said, 'drug proceeds.' We shook our heads in disbelief. …

"At sentencing the government wanted a fine of $250,000. ... The judge said, 'No fine; enough is enough. This man is getting far too much time, murderers receive less. If it weren't for the book, (he held up the sentencing guidelines), I would not be sentencing him to this. We'll all be dead and his marriage will be over.

"Enough is enough!'"